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UKCA mark for structural metalwork after BREXIT

CE mark & UKCA mark for structural metalwork

The transition period for the UK to leave the EU ended at midnight on December 31st 2020. Although the UK leaves the EU with a deal new rules apply to conformity assessment of construction products, and other products being placed on the UK market, which brings a UKCA mark into play. This guidance has been written with construction products in mind, but the principles are the same for UKCA marking of machinery.UKCA mark

The Government has published guidance on the website and this is our best interpretation of the guidance on using the UKCA mark for structural metalwork, as it stands now.

  • Very little changes in practise
  • The European standards that apply at the moment, such as EN 1090-1 & EN 1090-2 will continue to be recognised. These have been added to a list of UK Designated Standards.
  • UK based Notified Bodies will, if they want to, become UK Approved Bodies. UK Approved Bodies are authorised to issue certificates that allow companies to apply the UKCA mark
  • If a company is certified by a European based Notified Body, they can continue to apply the CE mark until the end of 2021. After that they must have transferred to a UK based Approved Body and apply the UKCA mark
  • If a company is certified by a UK based Approved Body, they must apply the UKCA mark from the 1st of January 2021
  • Importers of structural metal products from the EU & European Trading Bloc now have the same responsibilities as importers from outside the EU to ensure that goods they place on the market conform to CE/UKCA marking requirements during 2021 and to UKCA marking requirements after that. They can do this by verifying the claims on the Declaration of Performance and by affixing their contact details to the products. This responsibility can be delegated to a third party known as an Authorised Representative or Responsible Person.

This page will be updated as new guidance is made available. To date, we have helped around 70 structural metalwork fabricators, from manufacturers of edge protection to storage tanks, with their CE marking needs. If you need advice on using the new UKCA mark, or making the transition from the CE mark, please contact us.